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Pixelmon Pixelmon updates

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With the initial release right around the corner, the management team has come to the conclusion that Pixelmon will not be in our release. There are still many bugs and problems left to figure out and it would simply take too much time to take care of the entire pixelmon server before we release. We still do plan to have Pixelmon with Aroma, however it may take a bit longer for it to be release. We take much pride in the work we do for Aroma, therefore want everyone to have the BEST experience possible, once joined. That being said, we are choosing to wait on the initial release of Pixelmon and will release this game mode in Aroma 2.1.0

We are sorry for any disappointment, we realize this choice is not ideal, however it is what needs to be done. If anyone has problems with this, or wants to know an ETA for the next release, please message any staff member and they will be able to take care of any question one may have.

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