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  1. iProfyle

    General Faction Suggestions

    Hey there! I really like these suggestions, and we will definitely make sure to add these features in our next map. We are trying to bring a unique experience to new (and old) faction players, that are not like other servers nowdays. I will be copying this and sending it to the development...
  2. iProfyle

    Linking your accounts [Minecraft to forums]

    Hey guys! So I've been asked by many people recently about "How do I link my MineCraft account to the forums". It is pretty simple straight forward, however I will be explaining the reasons behind this method, and how to do it. So, linking your account to the forums is an essential part of...
  3. iProfyle

    No you.

    No you.
  4. iProfyle

    Pixelmon Pixelmon updates

    With the initial release right around the corner, the management team has come to the conclusion that Pixelmon will not be in our release. There are still many bugs and problems left to figure out and it would simply take too much time to take care of the entire pixelmon server before we...
  5. iProfyle

    Pixelmon - Biomes O' Plenty?

    Hey there! If you're wondering about Biomes O' Plenty, we do have that feature implemented on Pixelmon currently. If you can't see the biomes spawning, please message one of our developers and tell them the problem, and they can try to help you as soon as possible. Thanks!
  6. iProfyle

    Official Network Rules [RULES]

    This is the official rules thread for Aroma Network. Our rules displayed here, are meant to be followed on all platforms of our network, including game servers, forums, and discord. Failure to follow any of these rules, may end in a punishment from that specific platform...