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General Faction Suggestions


New member
Hello everyone, as a lot of you may see I'm fairly new to the community but am looking forward to watching the community and server grow. I am fairly experienced in factions as I have been a factions player for four years and have played in large factions like Pirates, and have lead my own factions on win streaks. I thought I'd hop on here and add some suggestions that would help improve factions. As release was short-lived it did give me some time to review the server and be able to add my own thoughts, so please bare with me.

Multiple Worlds: Multiple worlds are a new but bigger aspect to factions as it creates more opportunities for factions to stay and compete during the map. Nowadays servers have close to four different worlds that people can try and claim corners on. You may be asking "Why do we want to have more worlds, and what benefit will that bring us?". The answer is simple, you want more worlds because it keeps factions playing on your server, for example, if there are only four corners and they get claimed, the factions that did not get a corner are more likely to quit because it's harder to defend three sides rather then two and it's a lot more base work to put into. So with the addition of more worlds, it opens up that ability to keep more factions playing as there will be more corners.
Flat Worlds: Adding onto the suggestion above, flat worlds are the new meta, as they make it easier to run corners and easier to trench, as each world is made of one block. For example, End is typically made of End Stone and Nether is usually made of netherrack. This also makes base work and raiding easier as you don't have to deal with oceans, mountains, and deserts. NOTE: If you choose not to do a flat world in the overworld please remove oceans as they are extremely annoying and time-consuming to deal with.
Printer: As reset came too, my faction and I realized that there was no printer. Printer is vital in faction servers nowadays as it touches every part of the game mode, from base work to raiding. Printer is beneficial as it is helpful with making bases, cane farms, and cannons as it shortens the time it takes to complete all of these tasks.

These are just three suggestions far, but I will post more later on in the week. Again glad to be here and am looking forward to the progression of the server.

{P.S. Please make a server suggestions category so people can add suggestions or ask questions about the server, not just each individual game mode in the forums}


Staff member
Hey there!

I really like these suggestions, and we will definitely make sure to add these features in our next map. We are trying to bring a unique experience to new (and old) faction players, that are not like other servers nowdays.

I will be copying this and sending it to the development team so that we can make sure to add these properly into our next updates.
Thank you for the suggestions.