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Official Network Rules [RULES]

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This is the official rules thread for Aroma Network.
Our rules displayed here, are meant to be followed on all platforms of our network, including game servers, forums, and discord. Failure to follow any of these rules, may end in a punishment from that specific platform.


- No threats of any kind, including but doesn't exclude DDoS attacks, suicide attacks, telling another player that you know where they live.
We do not allow any kind of threats or harmful actions towards our player(s) within the community or newcomers, therefore we will tolerate none of these actions upon or towards our member(s) and punishments will be dealt out accordingly to the case at hand.

- No inappropriate language. Our server(s) are child friendly and are meant to be that way.
We understand if you wish to make a sexual or inappropriate joke but we will not tolerate that one bit and if you wish to be inappropriate please do so privately with a person that has given an allowance for them to occur between you two. If we get a report about you being inappropriate or sexual towards a party that hasn't given authority than punishment may be given accordingly to the case at hand.

-No disrespecting staff OR player(s). Our staff member(s) do their jobs with dignity and respect. They will NEVER disrespect a player, but if you witness them doing such please report them to an Admin or Manager
Please we do not allow any kind of disrespect towards our staff member(s) or player(s) as both parties are here cause they enjoy the community and wish no harm or negative cases to occur therefore we wish you to respect the choices made by people & staff. Note if you notice one of our staff member(s) abuse their authority please report it privately our Managers or Admins

- No advertisement. This may include but isn't limited to, YouTube Videos, other Discord links, and especially other MC server IPs or Links. The only advertisement that is allowed, links relating to Aroma Network.
This rule is quite clear and explains itself well enough, we do appreciate if you kept other social media or advertisement off our platform, unless it's about our community at hand or videos, if you post an IP of another server you'll be punished accordingly to the case at hand and same goes for the social media and YouTube videos.

- No Spamming. This includes links, words, or phrases.
We don't allow spamming which includes repeating phrases or questions or letter spam, if you're caught or reported doing this, punishment will be authorized accordingly to the case at hand, so we appreciate it if you listen to our rules and followed them.


Want to see our rules everywhere respectively?

- Discord

If you want a brief showcase of our rules, you may find them via our discord which you can click "here" to join!

- Server
We have rules located within our Minecraft server as well and those can be viewable if you do /rules in-game! (If they aren't there or incorrect please contact a manager+ to fix this!)


The only cross bannable offense we have within our community is regarding toxicity so if you're banned from our discord for it, your forums, and discord account will be punished accordingly as we do not tolerate toxicity within our community at all!

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